Thank you Message

Dear colleagues,

The Organizing Committee would like to thank you all for participating in the 8th Conjugate Margins Conference 2024, held in Lisboa from the 27th to the 29th May.

The 8th CMC 2024 has been a success for the 100+ participants, from 16 countries, representing 28 Industry companies and 26 Academia universities.

We highlight the outstanding quality of the 70+ presentations, delivering new and updated insights on the evolution of different conjugate margins around the Atlantic and its analogs worldwide. Various approaches to the margins have been presented, covering multiple topics on Geodynamics, Stratigraphy, Geoenergy, and New Methods.

We are thankful to the Keynote Speakers, for sharing their knowledge on innovative, provoking, and very interesting topics in Data Science Analysis, CCUS, Geoscience communication, Geodynamics, and Stratigraphy.

The three Field Trips included in the program of the CMC24 have attracted a total of 34 participants and provided excellent opportunities to look in close detail at the fantastic outcrops around Lisboa, for a total of 5 days, discussing the tectono-sedimentary evolution of Conjugate Margins, its related landscapes and the role of magmatism for Geoenergy and CO2 Storage.

The success of the CMC24 was largely demonstrated by a great gala dinner, with a relaxed atmosphere, allowing us to share good moments while listening to traditional Fado artists and Portuguese Folk dances.

A last word of recognition to all the Sponsors and Partners, for their support, leading to the successful completion and organization of the 8th CMC 2024.

We hope you enjoyed the success of this Conference, and we look forward to meeting you all at the 9th Conjugate Margins Conference, in 2026!