The following guidelines are provided to assist you to submit your abstract.

The following guidelines are provided to assist you to present your abstract.

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Abstract submission is now open

Presentation guidelines


  • The posters must have a maximum of A0 portrait format
  • Posters will be fixed to the boards with double-sided adhesive tape, which will be supplied by the organization
  • The posters should be on-display throughout the duration of the meeting
  • The authors should be present during the appointed time in the scientific program for posters exhibition
  • The presentation must cover the material as cited in your abstract
  • You may include in your presentation the Logo of the Conference, please download it here

Tips for posters

  • The title should be at the top, to allow viewers to clearly identify your work from a 2 m distance.
  • Highlight the authors’ names, e-mails, institution, and address information
  • Prepare all diagrams or charts neatly and legibly.
  • Paragraph and figure caption text should be AT LEAST 24-point font (0.9 cm height) and headers AT LEAST 36-point font (1.2 cm height).
  • Use different colours and textures/symbols for each line or bar contained in your graph or chart. A serif font (e.g., Times) is often easier for reading main text, and a non-serif font (e.g., Arial or Helvetica) for headers and figure labels.
  • Organize the work on the poster, so it is clear, orderly, and self-explanatory. You have complete freedom in displaying your information in figures, tables, text, photographs, etc.
  • Use squares, rectangles, circles, etc., to group similar ideas. Avoid cluttering your poster with too much text.
  • Include the background of your research followed by results and conclusions. A successful poster presentation depends on how well you convey information to an interested audience.
  • Bring your poster with you as we will not be able to print them on site, as an alternative, near the venue, at Hotel Vip Entrecampos, printing services are available at the Copy Center – Entrecampos store, located at Av. das Forças Armadas nº63. They can receive the PDF’s and print the posters for you in A0 format, with different support types. Printing cost starts from €11.50. Payment on location, after printing. Contact email:

Date & Time  

Mount your poster on your assigned board on Monday, during Plenary Sessions morning pause. Posters should be in place for the whole duration of the Conference. Poster material must be removed on Wednesday, May 29th, after the Closing Session. Please note that the Conference Secretariat has no responsibility for your poster.

Oral Communications

• Each Oral presentation is scheduled for 20-minute slots. Presentations should not exceed 15 minutes, to ensure 5 minutes for Q&A, in order to keep scheduling and in fairness to all speakers and the audience.

• Once your abstract has been accepted for the meeting, you will need to prepare your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format 16:9. Windows is the only operating system available for the presentations. If your presentation has links to other files (e.g., video, sound), do not forget to save them in the same folder to avoid operational issues.

• If any parts of your presentation are not in PowerPoint format, contact the support staff beforehand, to make sure all is compatible with the our devices..

• Each presenter will be provided with full instructions on how to upload presentations prior to the meeting.
• You may include in your presentation the Logo of the Conference, please download it here


If you have any questions regarding abstract submission, please contact

We will be happy to assist you.